ubiqwit (ubiqwit) wrote in coolcafepress,

Cheap Last-Minute Halloween Costumes!

So maybe you thought you’d stay home watching Friday the 13th one through nineteen (or however many there are) because you don’t have anything to wear to the party. Or maybe you figured on calling in sick to work because you don’t have anything “festive” to wear.

Well lucky for you you’ve stumbled upon three no-muss, no-fuss Halloween shirts just for the occasion. For both guys and gals, and they come in any color so long as it’s black.

Here’s the deal: Click here to see all three designs and order now so you’re not scrambling about when *everyone else* is doing their last minute shopping at the store and falling all over each other in that annoying way that frazzled consumers do. You get to avoid the crowds and all you need to add to these shirts is a little bit of attitude.
And we know you can muster that. =)
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