Dominic (abraxas365) wrote in coolcafepress,

Major update to KanjiGear

Hey everyone,

The last time I posted about my site you guys, and your friends, seemed very interested so I figured I'd post again now that I've completed some major updates!

This is my zen design for the central concept of mu.

Japanese Emergency Exit Sign

This is a grunged up version of the Asahi flag

Here's a design featuring the Boddhisatva (Bosatsu) Jizo and Satori

Anyone remember Akuma from Street Fighter? Well, I have several items with Shungokusatsu on the front and Ten (heaven) on the back.

Here are two Chinese dragons with metallic fire being forged from the flames

I still have a lot of other awesome designs including sections on humor, art, and, of course, Japanese. So feel free to check out all the other designs too! If anyone is interested in a personalized or custom piece, please drop me a line at kanjigear(at)gmail(dot)com.
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